This time of the year

Lately, I'm a little busy, but don't worry I didn't forget about you, dear readers. 😀  I'm thinking all the time about new posts and how to improve the blog.

I can see that lot of articles have DIY crafts. I won't write this time about that, maybe in future. I'm aware that in these days you can find a lot of different articles although it is the same theme.

Today I'll show you my favourite autumn outfit pieces. It doesn't have to be expensive to look good.

DSC_0046-2 DSC_0047

One thing that I just go crazy when I see the accessorizes like scarfs, bags, and hats. This season I went crazy for petrol color or royal blue. I love combination these two colors wit light and dark gray. Like you can see on the picture.

💡 Which are your favourites colors for your outfits?

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