Tips how to gel nail polish last longer

Hello everyone, I’m hoping that you all have a very nice and good weekend. January has passed to me so quickly, so I decided write the last post of this month, as you know from previous posts I absolutely love doing my nails. I’m so glad that I got so much good feedback from you.

I’m often on YouTube looking for inspiration and I love seeing what is new in world of nails, I had run into so many comments that people asking how can nail gel polish last for 2-3 week and more. I so know that feeling, when you do some design that you really proud, but after a few you must remove it because gel polish has lifted in some area and that is looking so nasty. Personally can’t look at that and say well I’ll do that later. I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I have learned when you work in some office it doesn’t look pretty when your nails are ugly. I’ve had a boss who didn’t tolerate if your nails were all messy or half of them in color, she would tell us or make your nails with polish nice or do not put polish at all. Some of you will think OMG, but when you are working with a people all the time and when you really think about it that do not give some stranger pretty picture of you. All summer I didn’t wear any polishes it was easier because I didn’t have a gel polish kit with an LED lamp. To be realistic who doesn’t want to their nails look pretty, am I right!?

When you do your on nails make sure that all the tools you have had sterilized and washed your hands well that all dirt come off. After that, I use gel for hands disinfection to make sure they are really clean. Then I start to file the old polish and removing it, use your nails brush and be careful about which point you remove your gel do not damage your natural nails you really don’t want to do it. I always left a tiny coat of base gel polish, but just the part, which is not lift that part you want to remove. When you have finished with removing old gel polish and filing I put some oil on my cuticles and massage into my nails, then I go to wash my hands again, you don’t want any dust left on your nails because in that way your new design will lift faster, nobody wants that.

So, you have done new design and you think OK now will everything be alright. Well, not quite. In my case you must use really good brand of gel polishes and files, you also want to pay attention when your nails are all done. If you often wash your hair with aggressive shampoo or always wash dishes without gloves you may want to consider that. I must wash my hair 2-3 times a week and I always separately wash my hair and body (I have my reasons). I’ve realized after a few times that these things really affect your nails designs. Are you wondering why? Gel polish is not gel, they have lighter structure. I know many girls that have tried with gel polish and after fast lifting of designs they have said I’m going back to gel.

These are some tips what I do to make my nails last longer that is something what’s working for me. I really hope some tips will help you too. I love gel polish because 2-3 week for me one design works, but after I get annoyed I must do some change. I think that have some connection with my zodiac sign. What is working for you? How you manage that your nails design lasts longer?

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