Town Rijeka

It has started, the Christmas time. Sometimes I love to believe that is magical, when I see all this lights around, stands full of candy. So, I what to show you center of town Rijeka during Christamas time.DSC_0051

The name for the city of Rijeka came the times of Liburnians, an illyrian tribe famed for their skills as sailors. If you are traveling from Italy to Rijeka you would see the sings don't show name Rijeka, but Fiume  wich means river in Italian or rijeka in Croatian.

You ask yourself why? Well, take the highway which traverses behind the city and you'll come to a spectacular gorge though which the river Riječina runs. The Riječina was one of the reasons why this area was settled before Roman times.

  • Much of the architecture of the city is reminiscent of the Central Europe since. Under the Hapsburgs, Rijeka was connected  to Vienna and Budapest by road and rail.
  • Rijeka didn't just define Croatian punk but also much of the country's new wave scene of the 1980's.
  • Rijeka is becoming more and more of a student city thanks of the growth  of the university

Town Rijeka has situated in the Kvarner bay. On the first look Rijeka looks like every other city in the world, if you go one step futher you'll see that has image as the country's 'urban capital' with strog alternative rock scene. In the city's  look includes arranged beaches with top notch facilities and beach bars, and the Molo Longo promenade.

In case you wish to escape the hustle of the city it is hugely advisable to visit the Kvarner islands or find shade in the lush green mountain region of Gorski kotar ot Učka mountain. Either way, nature's serenity is aplenty!

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