Unboxing + Where have I been in April and May? ​

I know it is almost mid of May and that I have been lacking in posting for the last month. I really wanted to spend holidays and free time before the high season with family and friends.

To take a bit of the time off, sound like a good idea to me. I have also put some things together, do an analysis of the traffic as well as look more into my social media data. To see where am I standing in my progress.

Putting yourself in the first place is OK. Take care of yourself.

I have also spend a little bit of my money during that time. Which I will be showing you in this video. I have ordered some new things from Women’s Best and Tinktura.com.

From Women’s Best I am trying new tastes of fit whey proteins and amino&energy. More you can watch in video below. In case, you have read my first post about Women’s Best you know.

I have spend a little bit of money ?

The second brand is Tinktura.com. That is the Croatian brand similar to Lush cosmetics. Everything is handmade from natural products and cruelty-free. I have ordered three bath bombs, sugar peeling and the Brownie (tint leg mist). Honestly, I can wait to try out everything. If you are a Lush fan 99% that you will be in love with these products. They do delivery for EU countries, you can read more here. I decided to give a try because I have heard so many good things about it. I also love to try new natural products. Investing in quality cosmetics is always a great idea. Speacially, if you have sensitive and problematic skin.

Let me know in the comments if you have Netflix? What are you watching? Are you fan of Lucifer?

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