Upcoming changes

Hello everybody, I hope you are enjoying in your weekend!

Last year was very hard for me, I’ve lost myself. People who know me better have notice that I’m not so positive anymore, basically that I don’t live like I used to. I have written a bit about this in this post.

What to do on the rainy day?

After, all the drama is gone now. In last couple of months I push myself to do better and to improve my blog because I truly enjoy in doing this. So, I started to think improve my blog, share more with you all. I promised myself, in 2018 I’ll push myself even more out of my comfort zone. This has worked for me, I got a chance to meet some amazing people. Which gave me strength to do even better and go more out my comfort zone.

As you maybe have seen this news but, let’s make official. When I have reach 500 fans on Facebook page, I decided to branch out. I’ll still write a blog posts that won’t change, I’ll start to film videos too. This is very big step for me, I hope you’ll enjoy in watching them. In case, you have some tips for me please feel free to write it in comment below. I really want to make a positive community where we will support each other and won’t be afraid to be unique as each of us is.

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P.S. I want to say big thanks to my BF who always support me in everything!



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