What is in my bag?

I was thinking that would be fun to do what it in my bag. First, trouble that was to decide which bag will I show. I have decided to show you my bag on the regular day. Genuinely, I have shocked myself I thought that will be more stuff in my bag. When I took the photo I have remembered of my high school friend, then I have given her present for her birthday in a small bag. There were a few things like T-shirt, chocolate, perfume, card and something more I can’t remember, she has told me OMG this is like some magic bag without bottom. Let’s get back to the story the point is, I thought there would be more stuff, sometimes I add my DSLR camera.

 I don’t get out of the house without my wallet, iPhone, battery charger, my stone in the shape of heart and sunglasses. I think those are most important things for me if I want to stay out all day or one part of the day. For me stone in the shape of the heart has special meaning because I got it from my BF, it is like my lucky charm. Specially in the winter time I love to have my lips balsam MELEM it is with neutral smell and very helpful. In case I stay all day it is good to have one lipstick just in case I have one of Barry M magic. Do you have your own hygiene-hand gel? I do. I have it by my side because after all day outside it is good to have it for example if you stay in some outdoor fast food you need to clean your hands somehow, right? I love my sunglasses I need them always because I have very sensitive eyes on the sunlight and if you don’t have polarization put it I highly recommend it, then is completely another story. How doesn’t have headphones with you. I love listening to the music specially if I’m going by walking somewhere. I always have USB stick with me, I don’t have any special reason I’m used to having it by my side, you never when you will be need it. How are going out without coffee specially on the work. I love to make my coffee or tea before I go out. It is just my habit. I have a few thermoses, but this is my current was at hand. My friends said to me through your veins runs coffee that’s how much I love to drink.Only thing that is not on my photo and it is in my bag always are keys of course.

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, and have had a lovely week so far! What are your bag necessities that you can’t leave the house without?

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