What to do on the rainy day?

In these colder month it often comes to the days which are rainy and you don’t go outside so much. I can’t deny, I really enjoy in them. Who doesn’t want once in a while to have late wake up in the warm and cozy bed, be in the pajamas all day just because you can, or just slow down a bit on the days like that. We’re living in very harsh lifestyle, back in days it seems that people have more time for everything. All people had a job, but they have appreciated more family time without distractions.

Nowadays, we have so much more, and we always hurry somewhere and sometimes we forgot push the break and remind our self to slow day. Life is too short to be in rush all the time. When the rainy day come, I love to slow a nudge and remind myself it’s OK you got time for everything. Even though day have 24 hours and I know to think here and then isn’t enough hours for one day.

In case, you read my blog for a while you know I’m a big coffee lover and my day can’t start without coffee first and turn on the TV or just meditate with coffee. Back in my mind I’ll always think about my priorities that I need to do on that day because it is out of the season I can afford myself to spend these kinds of days indoor at home. Positive thing about working from home I believe it is you can do your job from your bedroom. I don’t know way, but when I’m checking my e-mails I love to do that from my bed it makes me feel more cozy. Does somebody else do that or I’m weird? 

I love to learn new thing and I’m always in some research for something or I’m working on some of mine projects for the blog or things I need to improve. I can say that rainy days make me more productive I’ve better attention on things. There is no sun to distract my attention to do something else. On the other hand, some people haven’t much attention on those days, I’ll suggest that you read a good book like Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker (iTunes or Amazon), Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (iTunes or Amazon) or The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson (iTunes or Amazon(I’ve put all the links for the books if you are interested in purchasing them). I already have read all of these books I’d highly recommend them, if you are looking for a good book to read. Do you prefer regular books, e books or audio books?

The next thing I love to do is more for fashionistas, I’ve discovered this app recently and I love it polyvore.com . Did you hear about it? You can also follow me on that site the link is in the sidebar, there are some competitions and you can track the trends and more. Let me say this, in the past I wasn’t much of shopping type of person I’d hate it. That is connected on the fact I didn’t like or appreciate myself at all. When you get to the point that you understood yourself and start loving yourself again you’ll start to discover the unknown side of you. My problem was weight, I’m aware that I am not only one who struggles with that problem. After you start to do something about it and take actions, you see the award in the future. Also, I love going in the shopping on that kinds of days, it makes me happy to go in the stores and see what it’s new in the fashion world. 

Photography is the one side of me that helped me to love myself and discover more of me. No matter, how many things you have seen your photos and do some post proces there is always something to improve. I’m not a professional but I want when somebody sees my photos to have wow effect and I’m aware you can’t achieve with every photo you have took but you can see your mistakes and make a note to not do it again.

From time to time, I’ll go crazy and start to totally reorganized room and closet and trash thing I don’t need anymore or donate something like close and so on. I know that most of the people do that on the and of the season, I love to do that a bit more often because I don’t have so much of the storage in the bedroom and my bedroom is it my office too. You can see how I DIY it on this post here.

What do you love to do on the rainy days? How you fill out your day? Write me in the comment section below, leave also if you have some question for me I’ll be happy to answer.

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