Where do I find inspiration?

Sometimes, people ask me what does inspire me? Where I find inspiration? Before I start to write, I ask myself as a reader what would catch my attention to click on my own promo. Do you ask yourself that? My opinion is if something doesn’t catch my attention why in the world will catch somebody else’s.

While I’m pretty talkative person during the regular conversation with some of my friends or my boo I know to take a minute and told myself this would be actually good theme and I write it down. I really believe that inspiration is all around us, it only depends are you paying enough attentions on it. In my phone I have one notebook and there I have all of the scathes of my future posts and ideas for upcoming posts, the notebook is always synchronizing with the application on my computer that I love (One Note). I think it is always good to have access to these kinds of things, you never know when you will have brainstorm. Even after all those things it is possible that you simply run out of ideas and inspiration.

What then? Thanks to the bloggers and google some of them have posted like 100 ideas for the posts or monthly ideas for the blog. There you can see the suggestion and adjust it to your blog or merge two ideas into one. My favorite blog post ideas are the one that I have struggled with, after a while when I learned about it, I love to share with you. Why? Some of you can be shy or think that someone will make a fun of you so you had better keep their mouth shot. I’m always saying there isn’t dummy questions, don’t be afraid of asking.

Do you know moments when you have tried to find some answers and you haven’t found them? After a while you have found them, why don’t you wrote about it? You may help so many people, you might even don’t know. Did you try to ask someone to give you a theme for your blog? I know do that to my boo and ask him, I have such a blast and excitement when somebody else gave me a theme, this is also the way you can learn something new.

There are no rules when it comes to inspiration you must find your moment, if it’s really good you will feel it somehow I really don’t know to explain it. Every person has their own ways to find inspiration we all special in some ways, use that get to know you better, you never know what are you capable of you may surprise yourself.

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