Which time is the right time for founding of family

Well, February has come. This month is all about giving love and family that would be my focus. Nowadays, most of the people start their families pretty late. Did you notice that? In my country, there is a huge problem, so many young people are moving in other countries searching for better life while economy and payment is impossible. I’ll give you an example, you have finished the university you want to move out of the nest and starting your life, yeah quite difficult. I didn’t say that is impossible, but without good connection it is a bit hard. From my high school agree during a summer for very small payment working every day without a free day and that company sign me a job practice on first year my payment was like 133 € per month, my point is that our schooling system doesn’t support us if some of us wanted to work during our education they say that is your own problem how you wanted to spend your available time. That is making me very angry, they suppose to prepare us for our profession in the real word too not only books plus you get low payment, how can you  then planning a family after finishing your education?

Another obstacle is you got interview one of the first questions if you are women is are you married? Are you planning have kinds soon? In case, you confirm last question you won’t get a job for sure. The last hit in my country is after you finished university you can get a job of 320 € per month without establishing a permanent working relationship between a period of two years. When that period passed again you are in the beginning of the story. For me right time of founding a family in these conditions when you have economic status secured and when you find the right person for that. Today’s jobs last also so much longer than used to, I know many people paying a kindergarten and after that hiring the babysitter for another couple of hours. Are you belonging to the group of people who have a family business you are the luck ones. I’m working so much in this point of life with my chosen one in that area of our life…

Let’s put economic status a side that is not only important thing. I think that is also good before founding of family good to try live with your partner in the house or flat, to see how are you getting along and how thing work with you “when you can’t go away from your partner” you are under a same roof. I know a lot of relationships have broken when they start living together. There is no such a thing that always would be everything perfect you will have your ups and downs, but it is all depending on you.

When you start to share your living space with your partner you must help each other in the house chores. Over the time you will adjust on each other, but you must be willing to put all differences make some compromise and every problem you must resolve with talking with a partner about what is bothering you only in that way you will manage to find peace and happiness. It’s totally normal that you have various movements towards the day and different actions in carrying out the same work at home. In some point you may find yourself in some rut, be spontaneous and don’t be afraid to make something “out of the box”. Sometimes you need to remind yourself why are you together and words like thank you, sorry, I love you, etc., that will prove your partner that you still appreciate their love even when it is a really bad day.Which time is the right time for founding of family 1

Is those things work for you then next step is that you both want founding a family, ones you make the baby and you argue with your partner a lot the baby will sense negative energy and it is possible that wrong energy reflects on the child like starting some health problems or something else. I’m sure that  nobody what that for its on child.

Starting a family is it a big deal to me, you must do every step right in raising children because that’s staying for the rest of its life. I’m sure that sometimes I wouldn’t have any idea what I’m going to do, I guess I would go with my senses what I’m feeling at that moment is the best.

With this post I hope I didn’t offend anybody this is my opinion. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in comments section below.

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    1. Really, I didn’t know that is illegal in the US. Unfortunately, here is totally legal. In over system of justice there are so many gaps you look at it and can’t believe it. Yes in the end everything happened with a reason in the right time 🙂

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