Why have I started blog?

Today you can find a lot of bloggers specially in a small country. So why start a blog? I would rather ask myself, wdsc_0050hy I have started writing blog again?

So, let me start from beginning. I was 6th grade of elementary school when I have started my first blog. In that time the blogging era just start in my country. In my childhood I didn’t have many real friends, I couldn’t turn out for some advice or endless talk. I always loved trends in technology so blog for me was like some logic thing to do. I was writing some short stories, then I have discovered my interest in web design so I turned my blog into how to make theme for blog for free of course. After a few years, I have started high school and I didn’t have so much time to do that so I erase the blog and turned to my education. Upon completion of my university education I started to miss my writing and the love of my life stood by me and said go on, do it again.

This time I didn’t want to write just for my region I wanted to write a blog that anyone can read it. After few days of thinking, I said of I will try to write the blog on English, because English is most widespread language in the world. I know that my English is not perfect I’m nervous every time when I write a post. I’m afraid of the grammar and spelling mistakes. I’m hoping that I don’t have too many mistakes. The second reason I have a lot of hobbies and I want all of my hobbies in one place. Maybe, soon I will start to write about my favorites food recipes. What do you think about it?

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