Why landscape photography?

When I started to learn about photography my main focus was landscape photography. You are probably wondering why. The reason was because of the light. Light is important part of the photography in general. You’ll notice if you are in the one place and shooting as tha time passed the light is going to move and that will affect your picture. By knowing it you would be able to predict how you want that final photo will looked like so, that is why you need to get a filing of the light. When you get to the point that you are wanted to switch to shoot in manual mode (M), in my opinion landscapes is the best  to learn how  ISO, aperture and shutter speed are working. When you master those things you’ll notice drastic change in your photos.

If you are thinking that good shoot is easy to take don’t fool yourself and think you just come take a picture and you are done. Don’t be afraid to invest in your knowledge, if doesn’t work from the first time don’t give up you’ll get it at some point. You have the rules in photography, but also in every area of photography too. I wish when I have start in photography that somebody has given me a heads up in what I’m getting into. Why I think that mastering landscape photography is hard? You must be in movement all the time, no matter if it’s because your light or your subject. Have on your mind that your eyes and camera have different point of viewing the same scene. When your mind starts to collaborate with your photographic and artistic vision you will get some stunning results.  In the beginning I was training my brain to look more in artistic point of view. Every time before I was going at the place of shooting I’ll be making little notes on what I need to pay attention on. Before I have mentioned some rules in landscapes photography, those are: the rule of the thirds,  geometric shapes,diagonal lines and framing images. Don’t let the rules kill your creativity all the rules can be broken once in a while.

Are you asking yourself, what about the gear? What do I need? I’ll say don’t rush with a gear. Best is when you start with only what you have. Why? That will make you more creative, sometimes less is more. I have started only with one standard lens and DSLR camera.  Are you thinking that isn’t challenging enough!? Look at all landscape photography that had been taken in you area where you leave and try to make good photo but totally unique that haven’t been taken yet. After a while, you will want to buy some another lenses or maybe a tripod. Nowadays, you have all kind of lenses including the third-party gear.  Be careful what you are buying, don’t put yourself in place that you buy something that you aren’t being content with or that you are buying one thing twice. Make sure that is something that you really need. In case, you don’t have big budget consider second-hand gear before you make sure that is in good condition. My favourite lens for landscape photography I love to use my standard lens 18-55 mm. In the future I’d love to try some circular polarizing and graduated neutral density filters, just because of their extra effects that gives a photo extra special details.

To be complete straightforward in the beginning I didn’t understand difference between shooting RAW or JPEG. Now, I shot only RAW because it provides an amazing range of post-processing with a most image quality. I really rarely shoot JPEG today.

I remember when I have started in photography I always wanted to change lightning, after a while you will understand to using it in the best possible way, you will show the rest of the people what they miss to seeing in everyday life. Dynimic of the life as an amateur photographer my vision is to show what they miss in everyday rushes. Except of the composition you need to learn to put your subject in clear background that will allow you to see all the texture how lights goes in the morning for example.

I must admit my favourite time to make landscapes when are the golden hour. In case you have heard for these expressions it’s OK. That is the time period just before the sunset. Maybe you have noticed the light is soft and have warm color like gold. In that time I love to play with the shades. There is also blue hour very early in the morning before twilight in the dawn or you can wait for late in dusk each evening when the sunlight takes on a predominantly blue shade.

Are you thinking you can learn anything by not investing, maybe you will learn something you will always

miss some little detail that you can’t learn by yourself but on the end it will make a big difference. I wasn’t improving until I started to invest in my knowledge. Are you new to landscapes photography? I highly recommend the book Living Landscapes there you will be found everything you should know as a beginner or if you are like me self-taught and you need a little to understand it fully and learn from your previous mistakes.

You have also the second part of the Living Landscapes by name Loving Landscapes, if you want to extend your skills you can’t go wrong by investing in a little more knowledge.

I hope this was helpful for the ones that want to learn about landscapes and the ones that are already in it but need a little push in the right direction. For any question feel free to ask! Links with the ebooks are already insert, in case you click on them or the pictures they would lead you direct to the purchase page. Tell me, what kind of photography you like to take? Why you have fallen in love with landscape photography?

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3 thoughts on “Why landscape photography?

  1. I love landscape photography! Granted i’m no pro. But everytime i’m out in nature i’ll get pics of angles I think are beautiful. And get a selfie or 2 in while i’m at it. Thx Marcella 🙂

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