Get to know me better

Who am I?

If I need to describe my life with one word only, it would be TOURISM but, it is more than that. I would say there are no limits. The only limit is the one that you set yourself in your mind. I can compare it with tourism for you. Tourism is a very complex industry that has a lot of different branches. The main reason why I got myself in this industry is that I love exploring things as well, why I have developed my love for photography, web, and design. Over the years, I have learned a lot about myself and that nothing is static. Things are in consisting of moving, don’t fool yourself and think nothing is going to change, because you may end up disappointed. I am trying to think out of the box as much as possible because self-development is never-ending if you are trying to be the best version of yourself.
Thanks to the recommendations and my love for technology, I have managed to enter a digital world. I love finding a new solution in everyday life with new apps and devices that have become some kind of necessity in everyday life. Yes, you can also have a life without too much technology let me ask you, why not to make it useful and make your daily tasks easier. If you need something like that in your life, it would make me happy to teach you something that you can implement in your daily routines.

Except for the blog, I have my own YouTube channel, where you can follow the journey of my digital lifestyle. I am trying to be maximally productive and save as much time that I can. Time is maybe free, but priceless.

If you are interested in working with me, feel free to contact me through my social media or fill out the contact form on this link.

What do I own of equipment and camera?

I own Nikon z50, GoPro 7 Black, or my iPhone.

P.S. I'm hoping that there won't be many grammatical errors in my sentences. I apologize for that in advance 🙂

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