Where have I been?

Well, it has been a while since I wrote something. I needed a break because I didn't feel mentally good. I order to give it here my best I couldn't do that if I feel like crap. Personal care need to come first in order that you can function normally, in my case.

Number of times I would like to start recording beauty video or new look, but when I finished and editing too I did not feel that I'm happy something was missing. After, a few weeks I did know what was bordering me. I could not look again in the mirror ... Unconsciously, depression starts kicking in ... That was not a good sign for me .. I needed to do something about it. Otherwise, I could feel what is coming up. So, I decided to start 30 days challenge.. Small goal, let me see how I will felt after 30 days.

After two weeks I felt alive again and happier. By the time I finished the challenge, I cloud look myself in the mirror without being depressed. This isn't my first fitness journey but, somehow it always found out the way back in my life. In the past, I wanted to just lost weight and be done with it. This time is different because I can't be done with it I maybe never been able to wear size 2 but, what I can do is shape my body the best that I can (according to my genetics). I finally got in the peace with that. If the numbers on the scale discourage you, took a photo of yourself every 3 weeks to see the progress. I personally do that. You can also track your workouts and your feelings, so you if you can't feel progression read your thoughts.

What do you do when you hit your bottom? Also, please let me know if you want to read more about these kinds of stuff?

P.S. I'll put some photos that maybe inspires you to make move on your own, if you need light push forward like I did. It is going to last just if you are working out for a right reasons.





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